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Remedies For Malefic Effect of Venus

Remedies For Malefic Effect of Venus

Venus in our birth chart signifies, love, romance, beauty, spouse, marriage, style, elegance, charm, joy, happiness, luxuries, fortune, money and gentleness. When Venus becomes malefic all these qualities become affected and the person leads a miserable life depicted by the best astrologer in India.


Venus becomes malefic when it is combust, debilitated, being the Lord of the sixth and the eighth houses. It is also malefic when it owns the second and seventh houses of a horoscope because there it becomes Maraka planet for Aries ascendant. Venus is malefic for Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces Lagna.


Progressing in the series of remedies for malefic planets, we will discuss here the remedies for Venus. When a planet is under malefic influence or is the Lord of the malefic house in the birth chart, you should perform remedies for that planet.


Venus is the Karak planet of marriage and transportation hence it is advisable to perform related remedies to avoid any accidents or problems in married life. Afflicted Venus also causes trouble to eyes, kidneys, diseases of private parts, anaemia and gout.



Bathe Using the Products Related to Venus

This is one of the remedies which can pacify any planet. As a remedy of Venus, boil big cardamom in the water and mix it into bathing water, and take a bath. The products of bathing influence the person and reduce the malefic effects of Venus.


You should keep yourself clean and pure at the time of performing the remedy. If you meditate the lord Venus and chant its Mantra while bathing then this remedy will help you to get fruitful results from the planet.



Donate Products Related to Venus:

You can donate ghee or rice to increase the auspiciousness of Venus in your horoscope. Venus is the Kaarak planet of luxury, thus, you can donate cosmetic or luxury products also. The person donating the products should have full faith in the lord Venus. He should make the donations himself. Seeking blessings from your elders before donation gives more auspicious results according to the best astrologers in India.




Fasting and worship:

A person who has a malefic Venus should worship Goddess Lakshmi to ward off malefic effects of Venus. He should visit Laxminarayan temple every Friday and recite Laxmi Chalisa. He should also keep fast on Friday and donate ghee, camphor, curd and sugar.


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Gems for Venus:

The Native should wear a diamond ring or ornament to ward off malefic effects of Venus.Diamond should be purchased on Friday of Shukla Paksha. Weight should be at least 50 cents. Ring or ornament should be dipped in milk, cleaned with Gangajal and worn on a Friday morning according to the famous astrologer in India.

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