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Saturn’s 2023 Entry into Aquarius will Affect You Either Favourably or Negatively

Saturn’s 2023 Entry into Aquarius will Affect You Either Favourably or Negatively

According to the famous astrologer in India, all 12 zodiac signs will be significantly impacted by this Saturn transit. must be aware of how this planetary transit will affect your daily life.



A new source of income may emergeSaturn will make a transit from Aries into the eleventh house. Saturn will also be effective in this location. On the professional front, it is anticipated that the current state of uncertainty will change. A potential new source of income will be available. But there can occasionally be delays in the completion of duties, which will probably make you feel a little impatient.



Mixed effects on one’s professional life for Saturn will move from Taurus into the tenth house. Your professional life will have conflicting implications. You will take your task very seriously and be able to focus. With the aid of diligent labour at your place of employment, you will be able to advance. Your senior officer may seem to be interfering with your work in some way.



Saturn will make a transit in Gemini’s ninth house. The ability to learn from your mistakes and boost your confidence will both be facilitated by Saturn’s current location. Also, there’s a chance that something will pave the road for your spiritual development.

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Because Saturn will move into Cancer’s eighth house, anyone born under the sign of Cancer will experience the Shani Dhaiya. This will be your time for self-reflection and reflection, which will help you identify your mistakes, concentrate on your subject, and work effectively in your work, but you must exercise patience in order to make a profit.



Saturn will soon make a transit through the seventh house from Leo, which may be in your favour. It will be a complicated scenario. Those who are single may experience certain marriage-related delays.You must refrain from starting any pointless conflicts with your partner.



Steer clear of unnecessary debate.Saturn will move through Virgo’s sixth house during this time. It will be a complicated scenario. Your previous disagreements may resurface;therefore, you must refrain from engaging in fruitless debate at all times,according to the famous astrologer in Kolkata.



You’ll experience success.Saturn will move from Libra into the fifth house. Positive energy will be present during this trip. You’ll be able to do well in your academic work. If you plan to take any competitive exams, success can be anticipated with the aid of diligence. There should be an increase in income from new sources.



Saturn’s Dhaiya will begin in Scorpio.Saturn will enter the fourth house from Scorpio, so Saturn’s Dhaiya will start on Scorpio. This is the time for you to focus on your work while being patient. Maintaining great relationships with those close to you will be necessary if you want to succeed in avoiding uncertainty when making decisions.



Be prepared for favourable outcomes. Saturn will move from Sagittarius into the third house. You will be able to get favourable outcomes from this transit. You’ll be enthusiastic since you expect to succeed in your endeavours. From time to time, luck will be on your side. Sibling-related disputes will become less common.

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Saturn’s Sade Sati will start in Capricorn.The final phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati in Capricorn will start as he moves into the second house from Capricorn. You can prepare to bring artistic goods into your home knowing that your unforeseen spending will be under control.



Your professional network could grow under Saturn’s Sade Sati transit’s second phase will begin in Aquarius. For the Aquarius native, this will be mixed. There may be opportunities for quick business travels, which will broaden the professional network. Yet, it will be necessary to prevent any disputes among siblings.



Saturn is going to enter the 12th house from Pisces, thanks to which the first phase of Shani Sade Sati will start in Pisces. You’ll face challenges at work, but good fortune will be on your side. You will frequently feel uncertain about your choices, but with the aid of destiny, you will be able to resolve this issue,through the eyes of the best astrologer in India.

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