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Taurus Jupiter in the 12 Houses

Taurus Jupiter in the 12 Houses

According to the best astrologer in Kolkata, each natal chart is distinct. Without taking into account the many chart components, such as planetary combinations, aspects, friendships, directional strength, and more. it is impossible to provide a totally accurate reading.


The characteristics given below are generic indicators that may fluctuate based on how much the aforementioned factors are in play.


In the First House:

Body type and self-expression are represented by the first house. You’ll lead a happy life. You have a good physical appearance, achieve professional achievement, and have enough money. You are well-liked by the people in your social group.


In the Second House:

Wealth and cultural traditions are represented by the second house. You are a gifted vocalist with a deep, comforting voice. Compared to your peers, you are wealthier.

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In the Third House:

The third house represents literary works, courage, and siblings. You are a talented poet and writer. You have a gift for rhetoric, and you can persuade people to see things your way rather quickly.


In the Fourth House:

The mother, home, and fundamental beliefs are represented by the fourth house. Jupiter is in an excellent position in this sky. Despite the fact that you could be a little too materialistic in your outlook on life, overall, you are content and satisfied.


In the Fifth House:

The fifth house is a sign of success in general, children, and artistic endeavours. You are most likely to give birth to a boy. Investments and other long-term business endeavours may result in financial success for you.


In the Sixth House:

The sixth house is associated with service, illness, and debt. You can succeed in a wide range of professions. You can experience addiction issues in addition to financial difficulties.


In the Seventh House:

The partner, marital contentment, and sexual desire are all indicated by the seventh house. You are kind to your loved ones, family, and friends, through the eyes of the top astrologer in India. You are generally pretty fortunate, and you will make considerable money throughout your life. You get along with others well.


In the Eighth House:

Death, disasters, and a curiosity about the occult are all indicated by the eighth house. You might harbour a lot of secrets as well as unspoken hopes or desires. Your spouse or romantic companion may benefit you.


In the Ninth House:

Religion and morals are indicated by the ninth house. In the performing arts and other creative endeavours, you are exceptional. You are a good person who makes an effort to benefit society through your work.


In the Tenth House:

One’s father, career, and reputation are all represented by the tenth house. You have a successful career and might even be a pioneer in your industry. You might live a public life and have a prominent position in society or politics.

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In the Eleventh House:

Gains, aspirations, and friendships are all indicated by the eleventh house. Older siblings, relatives, or acquaintances might be helpful to you. Despite your excellent intelligence, you could hold people in low regard.


In the Twelfth House:

Losses, bad luck, and liberation are all represented by the twelfth house. You’re drawn to transcendental principles. But you might experience internal tension between your morality and your self-serving interests, according to the best astrologer in India.

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