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“Tears of Shiva”: The Celestial Effects of Rudraksha

“Tears of Shiva”: The Celestial Effects of Rudraksha

Astrology is the study of celestial spirits and their effects on every native. Rudraksha are very much coordinated with human life and planets according to the best astrologer in India. Rudraksha takes care of the seven main chakras of the human body. Not only that, chakras also nullifies the malefic nature of planets.


Basics of Rudraksha:

Rudraksha is basically a dried seed of a tree, which is found mainly in South East Asia. It’s spiritual name is “Tears of Shiva” as “Rudra” means Lord Shiva and “Aksha” means tears.

Primarily there are 21 types of rudraksha based on the number of “mukh” present in that.


Rudrakshas and it benefits:

Rudraksha Ruling God Ruling Planet Benefits
1 Mukhi Shiva All planets The wearer becomes more conscious about liberty and super living.
2 Mukhi Ardhanareeshwara Moon “Unity” and harmony are bestowed upon the wearer. Fears and anxieties are released, and inner happiness and satisfaction are achieved.
3 Mukhi Agnidev Sun The wearer gets Moksha meaning he will not be born again. It also cures stomach pain.
4 Mukhi Brihashpati Jupiter The wearer gains the ability to think creatively and gather knowledge.
5 Mukhi Rudra Kalagni Jupiter Improves memory, strength, and intelligence and also deletes the bad effects of jupiter.
6 Mukhi Kartikeya Mars It increases the connectivity to the mother earth and endures the living quality.
7 Mukhi Mahalaxmi Venus The wearer would be blessed with the upcoming opportunities and good health.
8 Mukhi Ganesh Ketu Helps in destroying the enemy and living a smooth life.
9 Mukhi Krishna All planets Offers Bhogha (comforts and desire fulfillment) and Moksha (liberation.
10 Mukhi The 11 Rudras All planets Get protection from bad evils and power.
11 Mukhi Durga Rahu Increasing awareness, courage and wisdom.
12 Mukhi Sun Sun The wearer gets motivation, self power and endurance.
13 Mukhi Kamdev Moon and Venus Hypnotic power of attraction (Vashikaran)
14 Mukhi Hanuman Mars and Saturn Hanuman represents the mind, while Rama represents the soul; thus, it is the surrender of the mind to the soul.
15 Mukhi Pashupatinath Mercury Enhances the wearer’s compassion and magnificence
16 Mukhi Mahamrityunjay Moon Increases the emotional stability and moral value.
17 Mukhi Katyani devi Saturn On the period of sade sati thi srudrakhshas help to nullify the evil effect of Saturn.
18 Mukhi Bhumi Devi Earth The wearer gets peace and joy after accepting it and also relief from stress.
19 Mukhi Narayana Mercury It detects the malefic effect of mercury and nullifies it.
20 Mukhi Brahma All planets It is mainly useful for businessmen, journalists and lawyers.
21 Mukhi Lord Kuber All planets It brings so much wealth that even a poor person can also become rich.


There is another type of Rudraksha named “Gauri Sankar” that is ruled by Venus. It unfolds the love in his/her mystical heart according to the best astrologer in India.


The relation between Rudraksha and planet:

Zodiac Ruling Planet Suggested Rudrakshas
Aries Mars Three faced
Taurus Venus Six faced or Thirteen faced
Gemini Mercury Four faced
Cancer Moon Two faced
Leo Sun One faced or Twelve faced
Virgo Mercury Four faced
Libra Venus Six faced or Thirteen faced
Scorpio Mars Three faced
Sagittarius Jupiter Five faced
Capricorn Saturn Seven faced or Fourteen faced
Aquarius Saturn Seven faced or Fourteen faced
Pisces Jupiter Five faced


Some facts about Rudraksha:

The number of beads in any rudraksha is 108 plus 1, the one bead is called ‘Bindu’. Any adult individual can wear a mala of 108 beads, not less than it.

The smaller rudraksha is rare to find, so it is more pricey than others. But all the panchmukhi rudraksha have the same characteristics and features.

One of the vital things about rudraksha is you cannot share your own rudraksha with another one until the wearer adapts it.

If someone decides to avoid the rudraksha for a long span of time, then it should be kept in silk cloth, preferably in a puja room, suggested by the famous astrologer in India.

The shadowy (hypothetical) planets Rahu (the north node of the Moon) and Ketu (the south node of the Moon) control no sign of the zodiac, but Rahu has authority over Virgo and Ketu has authority over Pisces. It is therefore beneficial for these zodiac sign individuals to consume Rudraksha ( 8 Mukhi for Rahu & 9 Mukhi for Ketu ).

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