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The Hermit: The Sign of Spiritual Solitude

The Hermit: The Sign of Spiritual Solitude

When this card appears in a reading, it’s time to withdraw your energy from the outside world. The Hermit asks you to take a break from everyday life to pull your attention inward and find the answers you seek, deep within your soul by the famous astrologer in India. Currently, the outside world presents distractions that you can’t afford to get lost in. The truth, wholeness, and wisdom you’re looking for are already within you.


Seclusion is a big theme with the Hermit. This is certainly not like the Lovers, which emphasizes intimate connections. Rather, the Hermit wants you to focus on your connection with yourself, and your Source. It’s all about unveiling that connecting inner light and shining it on your soul to illuminate your path. Through this, you’ll come to understand some of what lies ahead of you. You’ll develop a greater sense of where you’re coming from and where you’re headed. With this knowledge, all you have to do is take one step at a time.

The Ruling Sign:


Virgo’s highest vibration is the perfect example of being completely fulfilled with alone time, and confident in one’s own wisdom. Contrary to popular belief, Virgo is a highly spiritual sign. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is associated with the Magician. The Magician is all about manifestation and confidence — gathering the strength of the resources you have to move forward. Mercury brings that same power for manifestation (and confidence) here to Virgo’s influence.


Additionally, Mercury is airy like conscious awareness — this ruling planet renders Virgo the “airiest” of the earth signs. This combo brings awareness to the material plane. Virgo will shed a light on anything dark, anything in disarray. If things aren’t in alignment, Virgo’s influence over the Hermit will demand an extended period of healing and rearrangement. That is often a solitary task, as the journey of the soul is ultimately traveled alone.


The isolation that is often attributed to the Hermit is not so much a sign of loneliness, but a call for mindful withdrawal into this phase of healing and discovery.

It’s also worth mentioning that Virgo itself is known for its consciousness of complexity and detail, and perhaps less so for its healing abilities. But Virgo is, at heart, a healer. This is arguably the most service-oriented sign; it is willing to harness its intensity for the sake of others, and to devote itself to spreading light to the world around it, even if its efforts are never recognized.


The Hermit’s journey is not about recognition. Rather, it is about bringing the light of awareness to our inner world. Sometimes, in the process of self-exploration and renewal, you may inspire someone else to embark on their own journey and that’s fantastic! But asking for credit for that inspiration (or any wisdom you may impart along the way) is not at all what the Hermit stands for.


The Hermit spreads light (note its lantern depicted in the traditional Rider-Waite deck), but that light is to help it explore. At the end of the day, the Hermit is driven by introspection and curiosity, not a need for company or praise.


The Hermit and Virgo in their highest expression do not avoid the truth and are ready to do what is necessary to bring balance and to find a pathway for healing. In their lowest vibrations, they are anxious, avoidant, and lost. Both the Hermit and Virgo possess a desire to bring their whole awareness into their healing, their inner knowing. Virgo shines through the lens of the Hermit, helping to spread the blessing of consciousness and light our way by the famous astrologer in India.


Surrounding cards can clue you in to where in your life you need to do some soul-searching, or how to embark on your journey of introspection. Of course, there are way too many potential card combinations to cover here, but let’s discuss a few examples.


When paired with the Moon, the Hermit’s light is compounded. Both the Hermit’s lantern and the Moon’s glow are at work illuminating a truth within you (the one you may be afraid to face). This card pairing can also be a hint that more intensive shadow work would be beneficial for you at this time.


If the Hermit is accompanied by the two pentacles, it’s often a sign that you’re overworked, and that is making it harder for you to listen to your intuition. It may be time to release one of your nonessential commitments so you can re-engage with your spiritual life.


When paired with the nine of wands, the Hermit speaks to hard-won wisdom. The nine of wands is the wounded warrior, and its partnership with the Hermit implies that you’re finally ready to close out this challenging chapter — once you sit back to reflect on the knowledge you’ve gained along the way.


In the end, you need to trust your intuition to interpret the cards, as their meanings adapt to the context of your reading though there are many famous astrologer in Kolkata. Understanding how the messages of the Hermit and its surrounding cards can vary is conducive to a more dynamic, profound reading.

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