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2020 was surely an unpredictable and difficult journey for all of us. Even the most secure and lucky ones had to suffer loss and witness it around us. The year began on a usual hopeful note but things spiralled down due to the COVID situation. It goes without saying that the losses we incurred were huge, be it in terms of human lives, livelihoods, career opportunities and financial loss. It would be foolish to compare one to another, it is even impossible to bring back the lost time and opportunities.


Strict lockdown protocols, travel bans and fear of our lives forced us to stay in and compromise all of our plans. All the weddings, career switches, big purchases, investments, trips, etc which were long planned could never see the light of the day due to the virus. Things got worse and improved by the end of the year. We are far from living the life that we lived in a pre-covid world, the anxiety and loss has clearly taken a toll on all of us, collectively. But slowly, things are getting back to normal. The year 2021 was looked forward to by all of us, we have had our hopes and dreams stuck to this year long before it arrived.


However, it is still very confusing since the virus is very much here. Moreover, it is not possible to try everything at once and expect huge success out of every endeavor. It is surely overwhelming but don’t worry, you have stumbled upon the right place. Dr. Sohini Sastri, one of the best astrologers in Delhi, predict your fate in the coming paragraphs based upon your zodiac sign.

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Aries seems to have luck in the sphere of work, finance and love life. However, if you plan to take a big move which can affect your bank balance, please refrain from doing so. It can be something on the terms of switching careers, starting your own business or planning on to invest money into something. It would be better to keep building the bank balance till your stars align. In terms of personal romantic lives, avoid heated arguments with your partner and if everything seems right, you are allowed to make the big move!



For native Tauruses, the financial refrain is necessary this year. Don’t loan money or invest in projects that you feel unsure about. If you remain stable, new job and business opportunities will knock at your door yourself. This year is lucky for your romantic relationships so you can take a step forward and get the ring made for your partner.



2021 is supposed to be one of the most rewarding years of your life. There is anticipation of increase in income or investment returns due to the presence of jupiter in aquarius. It is a good year for your plans to pursue higher studies, switching jobs and careers. They are safe to see the light of the day.



This year holds many good opportunities for Geminis as it enters aquarius in the beginning of the month of January. Even the mercury in retrograde wouldn’t be able to keep you down for long. This year is more about discovering yourself and aligning your mind, body and soul. It is about working on personal and professional relationships more than taking leaps forward. If you love and practise stability, nothing can keep you from making this year one of the best for yourself.



This year is going to be rewarding when it comes to your passion and creativity, so if you have been planning to do so around the terms of your passion and creativity, you can go ahead. It would be advised to plan meticulously in order to avoid mistakes and incur losses.


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The year 2021 can be a bit tense in the beginning for the natives of Aquarius in terms of personal, especially romantic relationships. There are going to be tough decisions and choices in the realm of finances and career, it would be advised to keep yourself in check. Avoid unnecessary bickers and be wise with your money.



This is a great year for forming partnerships, be it personal or professional relationships, long lost friendships or fresh new ones. You might be able to visit new places for professional or personal motives. All in all, this appears to be a good year for Cancer natives.



Your year seems to be quite literally in your hands. Few tough decisions and choices will come your way in terms of career, but if you make these choices with conviction and meticulousness, no one can stop your from gaining success.



The year 2021 seems to be a bag of mixed emotions for Scorpio natives. There are few lows in finances, career and romantic life. Pressure from parents and strain in relationships with friends can show up quite a few times but if you avoid unnecessary clutter, the strains will quickly go away.

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The natives of sagittarius can enjoy reward and fulfillment this year from their relationships. The social circle and touch they generally enjoy will quickly rise and at times work in their favour. This year is also good for all the Saggitarius in academia. You are likely to see many dreams come true.



The year 2021 holds so many good surprises in terms of career opportunities and advancements for the natives of Capricorn. If you had been stuck due to any undetermined obstacle in your career path, it is highly likely to go away.



The family life of natives of Pisces will see fulfillment and healthy growth. You will see your family expanding in terms of marriages or pregnancies as Neptune will reign on your horoscope for most part of the year. If we keep the family and personal relationships aside, this year will be a mixed bag for you in terms of career and finances.



It is very common and usual for people to look for answers in the stars. But one must keep in mind, we cannot predict everything until one sees an astrologer in a one to one meeting. There is so much more to know from astrology than merely reading general horoscope predictions from the internet. So, to book an appointment with one of the famous astrologer in Delhi and also one of the best astrologers in India, Dr. Sohini Sastri, visit our site before its too late.

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