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Venus in the 12 Houses in Sagittarius

Venus in the 12 Houses in Sagittarius

According to the best astrologer in India, each natal chart is distinct. Without taking into account the many chart components, such as planetary combinations, aspects, friendships, directional strength, and more. It is impossible to provide a totally accurate reading.


The characteristics given below are generic indicators that may fluctuate based on how much the aforementioned factors are in play.


Under the First House:

The first house represents physicality and individuality. You’ll live a long, fulfilling life in luxury. You have a friendly disposition. You enjoy dating and are well-liked by your friends.


Under the Second House:

The second home represents material wealth and cultural customs. You have writing and artistic talent. You might live a lavish lifestyle. You have a lot of wealth and a good diet. You’re from a respectable family. You have bravery.


Under the Third House:

The third house represents literary works, courage, and siblings. You enjoy going on vacation, and you get along well with your mother and siblings. You do, however, generally like to be by yourself.

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Under the Fourth House:

The mother, home, and fundamental beliefs are represented by the fourth house. Along with many other priceless possessions, you also own a magnificent house. You have a contagious positive attitude. You are a decent and charitable person who gets along well with your parents and other adults in your life.


Under the Fifth House:

The fifth house represents success in general, children, and artistic endeavours. You lead a relaxed existence. You have a lot of good pals. You can succeed in business since you are smart and a good speaker.


Under the Sixth House:

The sixth house represents service, illness, and debt. Financial difficulties and a number of poor habits may be problems for you, according to the best astrologer in world. You probably have a wide network of contacts and acquaintances. Your health is excellent. Your line of work can be artistic.


Under the Seventh House:

The partner, marital contentment, and sexual desire are all represented by the seventh house. You are lucky and have many friends. Your spouse brings you wealth and happiness. Partnerships in business can be successful.


Under the Eighth House:

The eighth house represents disasters, death, and a fascination with the occult. You probably travel a lot. You show a keen interest in spiritual and religious matters. You are in good physical and mental health. Your employer might be the government.


Under the Ninth House:

The ninth house represents morality and religion. You are a kind, pious, and honest person. You are surrounded by friends and have a lovely family. You could wed an outsider.


Under the Tenth House:

The tenth house represents a person’s father, profession, and reputation. Given your fortune, you’ll amass a lot of property. You can get fame in life and compete in many tournaments. You are incredibly smart, and you take pleasure in doing good deeds.


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Under the Eleventh House:

The eleventh house represents achievements, goals, and relationships. You will enjoy a pleasant and secure existence. You can indulge in too many romantic and sensuous activities. You surround yourself with a lot of friends and well-wishers.


Under the Twelfth House:

The twelfth house represents liberation, loss, and bad luck. You are incredibly lucky, and you enjoy showing off your accomplishments. Your life will be significantly impacted by your marriage, through the eyes of the top astrologer in India. You enjoy acting irrationally and eccentrically.

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