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What Is The Concept about Parivartan Yoga in Astrology?

What Is The Concept about Parivartan Yoga in Astrology?

Parivartan Yoga is created by the famous astrologer in Kolkata using the reciprocal swap of planets’ houses.

This trade offers both houses a great deal of power and allows them to sway the other houses’ decisions.

These exchange Yogas are only visible in the birth chart.


The presence of lucky Yogas in the birth chart strengthens it. Other auspicious yogas, in addition to Raj and Dhan Yoga, aid the best astrologer in Kolkata in strengthening the birth chart. When auspicious houses form a partnership with other auspicious houses through auspicious Yogas, it results in lucky and positive outcomes.


An illustration will help us understand it better: Parivartan, or house swap, occurs when the Virgo Ascendant’s first house Lord, Mercury, is placed in the fourth house in Sagittarius, and the fourth house Lord, Jupiter, is placed in the first house. Parivartan, or yoga exchange, will occur between the houses of two Kendras.

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Following Yogas are created with a change in position of Lords (Sthan Parivartan):

  1. Examining the Parivartan Yoga in terms of planetary transits.
  2. Inauspicious or inauspicious planets in Rashi Parivartan Yoga
  3. In both auspicious Yogas, Rashi Parivartan Yoga is practised.
  4. Parivartan Yoga for planets that are exalted or debilitated.
  5. Parivartan Yoga in a favourable or unfavourable sign.
  6. Parivartan Yoga in Raj Yoga’s Karak worlds.
  7. Parivartan Yoga for planets that are debilitated or retrograde.


There are three kinds of Parivartana Yogas:

Mahabhagya Yoga or Maha Yoga:  There are a total of twenty-eight Maha Yogas in existence. These are fortunate Yogas that provide the native with excellent outcomes.


Goddess Lakshmi bestows wealth and blessings to those who are born in Maha Yoga. He has a kingly demeanour, dresses well, and spends money on fancy accessories.

In the eyes of the authorities, he is a respected figure. He is in a position of great responsibility. He is affluent and enjoys the happiness of his boys. He is surrounded by a wealth of material goods.


Maha-yoga is generated by mutual exchange between the houses listed below:

First and Second, First and Fourth, First and Fifth, First and Seventh, First and Ninth, First and Tenth, First and Eleventh.

Second and Fourth, Second and Fifth, Second and Seventh, Second and Ninth, Second and Tenth, Second and Eleventh.

Fourth and Fifth, Fourth and Seventh, Fourth and Ninth, Fourth and Tenth, Fourth and Eleventh.Fifth and Seventh, Fifth and Ninth, Sixth and Tenth, Fifth and Eleventh.

Seventh and Ninth, Seventh and Tenth, Seventh and Eleventh, Ninth and Tenth, Ninth and Eleventh, Tenth and Eleventh.Raj Yoga is formed by the exchange of the Ninth and Tenth.

All of the Yogas listed above are auspicious and produce excellent outcomes during their Dasha.


Kahal Yoga:

Kahal Yoga is produced when the Lord of the Ascendant is put in a sign whose depositor is in its own house or exaltation sign, and that too in a quadrant or trine.


In short, the Kahal Yoga is produced when the depositor of the sign where the Lord of the sign occupied by rising sign is positioned is in its own sign or sign of exaltation and side by side, which is also an angle or a trine.


A person born in Kahal Yoga is endowed with purity and higher-order intelligence, as well as contentment. He or she will help others. The people will respect and honour him or her. Other Parivartan Yogas are made by inauspicious homes as well. They are formed via exchanges between the Trik house, the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses. Exchanges between these and trinal or quadrant dwellings have the same effect according to the famous astrologer in India.


Dainya Yoga:

Dainya Yoga refers to a group of thirty yogas. As the name implies, these are unlucky and produce poor results. A person born into Dainya Yoga is a fool who engages in backbiting and disapproval of others.


He/she commits terrible deeds and suffers as a result of adversaries. They have a changeable mind and speak in a snarky and vulgar manner. In whatever work he or she undertakes, he or she will face challenges and roadblocks.


The formation of these thirty Dainya Yogas is formed between the houses as given below:

Sixth and First, Sixth and Second, Sixth and Third, Sixth and Fourth, Sixth and Fifth, Sixth and Seventh, Sixth and Eighth, Sixth and Ninth, Sixth and Tenth, Sixth and Eleventh

Eighth and First, Eighth and Second, Eighth and Third, Eighth and Fourth, Eighth and Fifth, Eighth and Sixth, Eighth and Seventh, Eighth and Ninth, Eighth and Tenth, Eighth and Eleventh.Twelfth and First, Twelfth and Second, Twelfth and Third, Twelfth and Fourth, Twelfth and Fifth, Twelfth and Sixth, Twelfth and Seventh, Twelfth and Ninth, Twelfth and Tenth, Twelfth and Eleventh.


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Khala Yoga:

There are eight different Khala Yogas to choose from. Khala Yoga people have a changeable mind. He is on the good side of the fence at times and on the bad side of the fence at other times.He is blessed with good fortune at times and then loses everything, leaving him impoverished and sad. His mood, fortunes, and happiness swing back and forth between good and bad.


Khala Yogas are formed between the following when they mutually exchange positions.Third and First, Third and Second, Third and Fourth, Third and Fifth, Third and Seventh, Third and Ninth, Third and Tenth, and Third and Eleventh.


According to the famous  astrologer in Delhi, other Yogas are established when the Lord of the Sixth, Eighth, and Twelfth Homes is situated in one of these houses.

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