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What Zodiac Flower is you based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What Zodiac Flower is you based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Whether you read your horoscope every morning or only once in a while, there’s no denying that it’s entertaining to see what the stars have in store for you. Has astrology, on the other hand, made its way down from the heavens to the ground? While your zodiac sign may be written in the stars, there is a flower that corresponds to your zodiac sign.


According to the top astrologer in India, while most people are aware that their zodiac sign has matching attributes, likes, dislikes, and even numbers, few are aware that they also have an astrological flower. Each zodiac sign has unique qualities that correspond to certain objects in the physical world. Every zodiac sign has a flower, just as every month has a birthstone. Astrological self-awareness draws you closer to the stars in the sky and the flowers on the ground.

top astrologer in India

  1. Aries:

Flower- Honeysuckle

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it represents the beginning of anything new. When it comes to engaging with the world around them, Aries are recognised for their youthful characteristics – they are passionate, confident, and happy. Honeysuckle blooms in early spring, a season linked with rebirth and fresh experiences, therefore the two go together nicely! The flower’s vibrant reddish-pink colour corresponds to an Aries’ fiery nature.


  1. Taurus:

Flower- Poppy

Taurus people are courageous, empathetic, and like being surrounded by love and natural beauty. The top astrologer in Kolkata says, Poppies are technically classified as weeds, despite their lovely blossoms; they’re hardy, flourishing in even the harshest environments. Tauruses, like poppy flowers, stand firm; especially when it comes to issues they care about, and emanate beauty and positivity.


  1. Gemini:

Flower- Lavender

The vibrant aspect of lavender harmonises wonderfully with the sociable and dynamic personality of Gemini. Lavender is known for its many applications, much like a Gemini’s adaptable disposition. Lavender is the ideal birthday gift for the fabulously distinctive Gemini in your life who despises the drab and commonplace.


  1. Cancer:

Flower- White Rose

Cancers are noted for their vivid imaginations and strong feelings. Cancers take comfort in sticking to what they know, even though they appreciate adventure from time to time. White roses are graceful, modest, and universally adored, just like people born under the feminine zodiac sign of Cancer. White flowers are symbolic of purity and innocence, much like the sensitive temperament of a Cancer. However, use caution while dealing with this sign, as they, like their flower, have a thorny side.


  1. Leo:

Flower- Sunflower

Only those born under the sign of Leo are likely to be more gregarious and extroverted than Geminis. It’s only natural that their flower is as “sunny” as they are; with their cheery personality spreading a smile to everyone they meet! The inclination of sunflowers to turn their faces towards the sun gives them their loyal and bright features. Similarly, Leos are not afraid to be in the spotlight and enjoy being the focus of attention.


  1. Virgo:

Flower- Buttercup

Don’t let Virgos’ reticence deceive you; they don’t always desire to be the centre of attention. As you get to know them, you’ll see that they have a fun-loving disposition. Virgos are tidy, neat, and appreciate (sometimes) disappearing into the background, just like the delicate buttercup. Because of their intricate structure and design, flowers are frequently associated with neatness.


  1. Libra:

Flower- Rose

Libras are adored by everyone they meet, just like a typical rose. Roses are a fantastic match for a Libra’s desire for justice and strong sense of right and wrong because they are a symbol of peace and love. Libras, like the rose, can effortlessly blend into any social setting because to their calm demeanours and outgoing attitudes. Roses spread as weeds all over the planet, just like Libra’s contagious warmth. They can’t stop themselves from spreading the love wherever they go!


  1. Scorpio:

Flower- Geranium

Scorpios, like the various petals of a geranium, have many sides to them and never fully reveal what they’re thinking. Once you believe you know a Scorpio, they’ll reveal you an entirely different side of themselves. These symmetrical five-petaled zodiac flowers bloom in tight clusters, comparable to a Scorpio’s tendency to surround themselves with a small group of close friends and family. Despite the fact that the outer world sees them as mysterious, a Scorpio’s limited circle will get to know a more sensitive side. The geranium flower, like Scorpios, comes in a variety of colours. Expect the unexpected from them.


  1. Sagittarius:

Flower- Carnation

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, like a carnation, are strong yet attractive. Sagittarius is known for their passion of love, therefore it’s only natural that these zodiac flowers are matched with one of the most popular wedding flowers! Carnations are frequently the longest-lasting flowers in an arrangement, making them a sign of affection. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is famed for its boldness, similar to how a carnation blooms in branching or forked clusters. The fire sign despises being tamed and will approach all activities with an open mind.


  1. Capricorn:

Flower- Pansy

Capricorns, like a pansy, appear to get better with age! Capricorns are known for their tenacity and hard work, and they enjoy flaunting the results of their labour, much like a newly sprung, flashy pansy. In the cooler months, pansies are a favourite bloom. Unlike most plants that require full light or partial sun in well-draining soils, the hardy plant can withstand frigid temperatures. Capricorns, like their zodiac flower, are warriors in the face of adversity.


  1. top astrologer in Kolkata Aquarius:

Flower- Orchid

Don’t be fooled by an Aquarius’ timid manner. While they can be quiet at times, when they’re among pals they trust, they’re highly active and eccentric. They’re also incredibly smart and hardworking problem solvers. A robust, yet delicate-looking flower, such as an orchid, is the ideal present for an Aquarius. The plant’s unusual shape corresponds to an Aquarius’s unconventional attitude. This sign isn’t one for the spotlight, but they aren’t afraid to deviate from the standard.


  1. Pisces:

Flower- Water Lily

With water as their element and the two fish as their symbol, there’s no finer pair than a water lily and a Pisces. Pisces enjoys one-of-a-kind displays of adoration due to their affinity for art and all things wacky. Dreamy, imaginative, and sensitive are all qualities associated with this water sign. Their outlook on life is similar to that of water lilies, which live in small ponds, lakes, and along the edges of slow-moving streams. According to the best astrologer in India, Pisces is a water sign who like to go with the flow.

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